Chloe Kim

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  • Hometown

    Torrance, California, USA

The 2018 Winter Olympics cemented Chloe Kim as the female face of both snowboarding and action sports. At age 17, with a score of 98.25 on her third and final run, Chloe became the youngest woman in history to win an Olympic snowboarding Gold medal.

After winning five consecutive events, including her first World Championships Gold and her fifth X Games Gold, Chloe ended the season with a Silver Medal while riding on a broken ankle at the US Open.

After being accepted to Princeton University, Chloe took the 2019-20 season off from competing to focus on her education.

Her return to the slopes in 2021 was one for the books: a 6th X Games gold medal and a World Champion title in tow. One year later, she shattered records with a second Olympic Gold Medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. In 2024, she took her 7th X Games Gold Medal after a year off, proving once again that she is unstoppable.