Sonny Alba

  • DOB


  • Hometown

    San Pedro, California, United States

Sonora Alba, also known as "Sonny", is from San Pedro, California. She is currently on both the Mammoth and U.S. Snowboard Teams. She loves all the things that snowboarding has brought into her life, especially the travel and the community that surrounds it all. She considers herself an "all-mountain rider". Sonny hopes to use her love and success from snowboarding to inspire and empower other women riders. 



Favorite place to travel? My favorite place to travel is Hawaii.  I'm usually always in the snow, so it's a nice difference and I love to surf too! I would love to visit the Maldives one day as well.

Best moment in your career? The best moment in my career was hearing I made the US Pro Snowboard Team.  It was always a goal of mine, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? When I'm not riding, I love to be home in San Pedro.  I travel a lot, so I miss home.  I love to be in Pedro skateboarding and just being with my family.

Fashion essentials? My fashion/style essentials are pretty basic but I like to think timeless.  I love black!! I believe my skating has a big influence on my style.

Favorite moment with ROXY? My favorite moment with Roxy is hearing that they wanted to support me in achieving my goals.  I definitely couldn't do what I love if I didn't have the support from my sponsors.  I love how Roxy brings awareness to women's sports, as well as highlighting the strength and power of women.