Torah Bright

Torah Bright lives in a category of her own. A snow lover from birth, Torah was skiing at age 2 and by 11, she had broken into the snowboarding scene. Torah joined the ROXY team in 1999 and has gone on to dominate competitions around the world, including the TTR World Tour, Global Open Series, FIS World Cups, Winter X Games, and of course, podium finishes at two Winter Olympics, taking home the gold in 2010 and silver medal in 2014. She splits her time between her home in Salt Lake City, her training ground of New Zealand, and her homeland of Australia.

In 2011, Torah focused on backcountry riding and in 2013, she dropped back into the contest scene with force. After a successful start to her 2014 season, Torah went on to become the first and only person in the world to qualify and compete in three snowboard events at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, taking home a silver medal in half pipe in the process.

Torah left the competitive world in 2015 and now dedicates her time to travelling around the world to discover unique places to free snow and raise awareness about climate change and environmental protection.

Q&A with TORAH: 

Favorite place to travel? I recently went to Six Senses- Maldives - I have never felt so connected to the earth. Barefoot, ROXY bikini, surfboard and my favourite person in the world! I dream of it still!

Best moment in your career? I have had some incredible career accomplishments, but for me  this last year Filming an IMAX movie called Out of Bounds,: from Antarctica to Alaska, has been my all time best year! I: started off boating down to the Antarctic peninsula. Once down: there I bagged a few summits and even some pow turns (it's: rare to find fresh snow in the Antarctic as it is classified as a: desert). I got to observe polar bears, penguins in the rockeries: and seals floating on icebergs! I was in awe everywhere I: looked.

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? Playing with my friends and family! I love being active with: people I love! I love being an Aunt. I put in a lot of time with my nieces and nephews around the world!


Fashion essentials? Jeans and a white T-shirt!

Favorite moment with ROXY? All the team trips I have been on with my ROXY Sisters from all board sports have been INCREDIBLE! Too hard to choose from!

I love when we are together and playing - we are like hearted and free spirits!